Spend your
stablecoins like cash,
without losing control.

Quit parking your treasury with a bank or fintech. 
Keep your stablecoins with you at all times and instantly spend them
only when making a payment.

Self-custodial Visa® Corporate Card

Spend stablecoins directly with 130M merchants worldwide

Manage your team’s spend without compromising on self-control (i.e. to remain self-custodial).

A self-custodial debit corporate card to run your onchain business:

  • Software and server costs
  • Travel expenses
  • F&B

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Crypto-to-Bank Payouts

Send stablecoins to bank accounts globally in 30+ currencies

Pay your employees or vendors directly in fiat currency using USDC from your wallet.

✅ Fast Onboarding

✅ Transparent Fees

✅ Trusted Payments

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Crypto-to-Crypto Payouts

Make token payments to 100+ recipients in one transaction

Simply connect your wallet and pay multiple recipients – employees, vendors, grant recipients, and more – in a single transaction through our bulk payouts feature.
Save time and simplify your token disbursement process.

Reconcile all your payments.

No more switching between platforms for payments and accounting. 
Easily create drafts, execute payments and reconcile to your accounting software 
– all from a single, intuitive interface.

Accelerating business adoption of crypto.

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