Meet Headquarters.
The one place for Web3 bookkeeping and payments.

Backed by leading fintech & Web3 industry players

HQ Teams

The one dashboard to get visibility and control over your team's treasury.

Our features

Bring your own wallets.

Enjoy the ease of having a single view of your funds across all wallet types, including multi-sig wallets, exchanges and custodians.

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Be a good paymaster, effortlessly.

For either single or bulk token transfer, use HQ Payouts to easily make payments.

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Operations at its finest, through automation.

Improve your financial operations by integrating tools you are already familiar with across accounting, payroll, invoicing and expense management.

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Say goodbye to spreadsheets.

Automatically track your transactions across different wallets all in one dashboard. Add attachments and label your transactions for quicker bookkeeping.

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The finance tool tailored for Web3.

Focus on building, and let us be your back-office companion.

NFT Creators

Track your collection's revenue from Day 1.  Simply your wallet addresses (no signing required) and automatically track your revenue from minting day as well as ongoing royalties across marketplaces.

Fund Administrators

Running a token fund? Use Headquarters to administer your investments made in stablecoins, while tracking your portfolio across multiple wallets all in one dashboard.


Accounting for web3 can be complicated. Headquarters acts as the middleware to get an aggregated view of your wallets and reconcile transactions with existing accounting software such as Quickbooks and Xero.

On-chain Validators

With read-only access (no signing required) to your wallets, Headquarters helps to automatically track and categorise your mining rewards. Simply add your wallets to track and get an instant overview of your assets and on-chain transactions.